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That was a huge waste of my time. My chip is still doing nothing at… - Gwen Raiden
That was a huge waste of my time.

My chip is still doing nothing at all. Yes, I'm still back to being a freak. Thanks for asking. I looked up the corporation that developed my chip, and they've picked up and moved. The word is that there was some kind of government investigation. Whatever. All that means to me is that I had to travel to them all the way overseas.

When I got there, I found out that he guy who developed the chip had retired and was living like a dot-com CEO who sold their stock before the crash. When I found out where... It's just my damn stupid luck again. Los Angeles. Bel Aire, actually. And his house is locked down more strongly than any engineer's house has any right to be. I've tried.

I'm back in town now. I need to check in with Anne, since I'd guess that she's probably close to reporting me to the judge if she hasn't already. Plus, from what I'm learned about this engineer, Anne might be the perfect ticket in. He's the philanthropic guy - mostly for tax reasons, like everybody else who gives to charity - and Anne's little poorhouse is just the kind of thing he likes to fund. If I can get her to get me in the door, I'm good to go.

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adrian__tepes01 From: adrian__tepes01 Date: June 10th, 2004 02:59 am (UTC) (Link)

hey Gwen

Have you seen the ads for that new movie "The Chronicles of Riddick" on Tv?

It sounds like something you'd enjoy.
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