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I am finding that este cuerpo is not being so bad. It has powers… - Gwen Raiden
I am finding that este cuerpo is not being so bad. It has powers muy diferente than slayers, something new. It started when I took the metal thing out of my back. It is very fun, but am discovering that I need to be careful. Now I understand why this girl has so many pairs of guantes in her drawers.

I looked at her calendar, and it she helps at some charity para los adolescentes. I will go there, see what I can learn. Colleen is somewhere en la ciudad, and she warned that she looks like a man, so I am hoping she - or should I be saying he? - meets me there. Maybe we learn who did this to me and to her and why.

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charles__gunn From: charles__gunn Date: April 1st, 2004 10:47 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm here at the Teen Center! A lot of the kids know me, and they call me G. Must be a street thing. I called them G back and they sorta looked at me.

Wait... I still have on the hospital bracelet. "Charles Gunn."

I heard about this guy on Fox News. Some kind of tragic canoeing accident? Seems fine now.
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