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Gwen Raiden
That was a huge waste of my time.

My chip is still doing nothing at all. Yes, I'm still back to being a freak. Thanks for asking. I looked up the corporation that developed my chip, and they've picked up and moved. The word is that there was some kind of government investigation. Whatever. All that means to me is that I had to travel to them all the way overseas.

When I got there, I found out that he guy who developed the chip had retired and was living like a dot-com CEO who sold their stock before the crash. When I found out where... It's just my damn stupid luck again. Los Angeles. Bel Aire, actually. And his house is locked down more strongly than any engineer's house has any right to be. I've tried.

I'm back in town now. I need to check in with Anne, since I'd guess that she's probably close to reporting me to the judge if she hasn't already. Plus, from what I'm learned about this engineer, Anne might be the perfect ticket in. He's the philanthropic guy - mostly for tax reasons, like everybody else who gives to charity - and Anne's little poorhouse is just the kind of thing he likes to fund. If I can get her to get me in the door, I'm good to go.

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Shit. After all I went through to get my chip. Some idiot took over my body yesterday and literally ripped it off. Put me back on to Active Freak status.

Now it won't go back on.

Damn it. Now I have to go down to the center. Explain to Miss Fake Sweetness why I can't work today. Because I could seriously hurt some of the kids, and I can't let that happen. I can't go near them with my switch turned on. Not that I care what happens to them, it could just get me into trouble.

Then I have to get it fixed. I'm not going back to that crappy life I had. Not that my new one is much better.

At least I've done my good deed for the decade and fixed up that wreck I was stuck in yesterday.

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This is being muy extraño. There be being two other personas who work at the charity - I have only seen the one so far - but they both are not who they look like. ¡Los sé! The blond girl, it be Willow inside her. ¿Coincidencia? Willow knows so much about magic, she can be explaining what is going on. Willow is telling me the other is a guy, but he has Buffy inside him now. This does not make me happy. She is supposed to be very far away in Rome with Dawn. Tuve gusto de él mejor cuando ella era millares de millas lejos y fuera de mi manera. Ella infering siempre en mis planes.

But I think maybe I not be wanting my slayer powers back. Being a slayer, I have so much power, but I have deberes y resposibilities. I have to go to training and do what Buffy and Señor Giles and Señor Wood say. But I am thinking - if I am not a slayer, but have other powers, I can be doing what I want, eh? And this girl, the one I am inside, I look through her stuff. She is having mucho dinero. She is much richer than I could ever become. She is not a slayer, es verdad, but she is being strong for a normal person and is coordinated. Would not be a bad life, eh?

I am thinking maybe I do not help Willow with the restoring. I am not wanting her to succeed.

And Colleen is here, and she was speaking truth. The man she is in is muy hermoso.

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I am finding that este cuerpo is not being so bad. It has powers muy diferente than slayers, something new. It started when I took the metal thing out of my back. It is very fun, but am discovering that I need to be careful. Now I understand why this girl has so many pairs of guantes in her drawers.

I looked at her calendar, and it she helps at some charity para los adolescentes. I will go there, see what I can learn. Colleen is somewhere en la ciudad, and she warned that she looks like a man, so I am hoping she - or should I be saying he? - meets me there. Maybe we learn who did this to me and to her and why.

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I am not understanding this. I fall asleep in my bed in Cleveland, and then I am waking up somewhere not my bed. Is not a bad place, a large apartment with many cosas hermosas y ropas bonitas. And I am back in California, in Los Angeles, I think. But I am wanting my body back. Es incorrecto tomar algo que es el mío sin preguntar me. No tengo gusto de eso. My slayer powers desaparecido when mi cuerpo did.

And I am finding myself in a new body. So this girl, she is pale, but she is having nice hair. But there is being a piece of metal shoved into her back. Is muy uncomfortable. I am thinking that I should be taking it off. I feel better if I do, I think, and can find out what is happening, eh?

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This is not my fault. No, I am not talking about the blazing heat we had the last few days. I'm talking about the power shortage. Not me. I've been wearing the chip for almost a year. Electrical oddities have nothing to do with me anymore, except for the fact that I still am one.

Got a problem? Don't bother me with it.

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Still at that stupid teen center. Most of the kids aren't as bad as they seemed when I got here, and the ones I really don't like have learned to stay out of my way. All of them are just out for themselves, which is something I can respect. People just get less honest about that as they get older.

Like the girl who runs this place. She really expects me to believe she doesn’t have some angle? I don't think so. I gave up the "donation" plan, since she must be getting out-bribed by somebody else to not take my money.

At least that guy who works here isn't completely annoying.

I've also decided that vacuuming is one of my least favorite activities.

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Going in for Day Three of Hell.

I had figured I'd get out of this community service thing with no problem. Flash some cash and get the hell away from there. But the girl who runs it - I don't understand her. She said she'd take the money as a donation (and give me a receipt for my taxes - like I've ever paid taxes in my life), but if I didn't show up for my shifts, she'd report me to the judge.

What is her problem? I help her, she helps me. That's how the world works. She's either clueless or has something more going on that I haven't seen yet.

There's also a guy who works there who is okay and is fairly attractive, but he's married. Damn.

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The judge wants me to waste my time at some teen center.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. They want me to babysit some whiny overgrown hormonal idiots who half the time forget how to tie their shoes. I don't think so. Really, put me in prison, because that would have to be better than this crap.

They want me there at the end of this week. Four hours a day, five days a week - that's their plan. Not happening, of course. Once I do a little "donating" to whoever runs the place, I'm sure that I won't be there any more than a few minutes. Then I can put this entire annoying situation behind me.

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Yesterday sucked the big one.

The judge was an idiot. He should have fined me. Would've done wonders for the state's financial problems, and I've got more than enough to cover whatever they'd come up with and not even feel it.

Instead, they want me to do some sort of benefiting society crap. Community service. They want me to be stuck pushing wheelchairs or something equally inane.

I'll find out where I'm supposed to be assigned next week. But once I do, the problem will be solved. Because that old saying about "where there's a will, there's a way" isn't talking about the best or easiest way. I'm better with "where there's money, there's a way." That's something I've got plenty of.

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Haven't posted in a while. Been busy. With annoying crap.

Not like it's not common knowledge around anybody worth knowing, but I've done more than my share of "illegal" things in my time. Grand larceny? Hell, it's my profession. And there's plenty of other things that could get added to that list. But that's not what I got pegged for.

Here's what happened - I was out clubbing again, just out for what amounts to a good time in my life these days, and I was on my way home. I got pulled over. Speeding. WTF? I drive a BMW Z4, of course I'm not obeying the speed limit! For some reason, they decide I'm a great candidate for a sobriety test. If I didn't have this chip in my back, I'd have fried him right then.

Didn't pass. I've been slammed with a stupid DUI. How lame is that?

I've been dealing with that ever since. Tried to call a real lawyer (even though I'm still not sure how he became Matlock) to get me off, but I keep being told he's busy. I go to court tomorrow to see what my fine is going to be. Hoping for no jail time or any other stupidity like that.

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So, new journal. Left this old thing behind.

Exciting? No. You're joking, right? Yeah, this got me... absolutely nowhere.

This was a stupid idea.

But it's done. So, look out, kiddies. I'm in my new virtual hangout and looking for some fun. Or work. Believe me, the two are easily interchangeable.

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